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Hair Transplant

Reverse Hair Transplant

Is It Possible To Reverse Hair Transplant?

Patients are often not satisfied with the end results of hair transplant. They ultimately get worried of getting their money, time & efforts go waste. They feel helpless in such a situation. But there is a good news to them, that they can get their hair transplant reversed, i.e., they can choose to get out their transplanted hair. Effect of Reverse Hair Transplant Albeit, it sounds good to hear about reverse hair transplant, but let’s make you aware about the negative effects of it. It may result in scarring of the scalp. Transplanting your hair again might not give you natural looking results. Scalp Micro-pigmentation Scalp micro-pigmentation is a non-surgical solution...

Maximum density you can get from hair transplant

What’s the maximum density you can get from hair transplant?

Hair loss can be very troubling for people. With every hair loss, your confidence, self-esteem, youth, all go on a decline. A hair transplant would not only give you your hair back, but, your confidence, self-esteem, youth will also come along. Many a times, we have been asked about what’s the maximum density that can be gained through hair transplant. The answer is, there multiple factors that determine the density. These factors include your age, natural density of your hair, the reason behind hair loss, the density of your donor area, etc. Naturally, a person has 80-100 grafts per cm square. Falling of 50-100 hair strands per day all...

How does hair loss happen in men?

Alopecia, commonly known as hair loss or hair fall is caused by some interruption in the body’s cycle of hair production. Hair loss happens to all body parts but is mainly noticed on scalp. On an average, a person has approx 1,00,000 hairs over his head that passes through 3 phases of a cycle before re-generating new hair, which include growing phase, resting phase and falling phase. A person loses 50 to 100 hairs per day as a part of normal hair cycle. If a person experiences hair fall more than this limit the hair fall is abnormal and this may also lead to a hault in re-generation...

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Myths V/s Facts Related to Hair Fall

So many men, so many minds. Every person has his or her different say. Some might be correct but definitely, not all. Same is the case with hair related topics. People say many things but not all are to be trusted. There are more rumors than the truth. Only an esthetiques expert can suggest you correctly depending upon your situation. Mentioned below are some very common myths about our hair that really need to be erased of. Myth: Baldness comes from maternal side only. Fact: It is not necessary that your mother is the only responsible person behind your hair thinning or baldness. Rather, genes obtained from both father and...