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Reverse Hair Transplant

Is It Possible To Reverse Hair Transplant?

Patients are often not satisfied with the end results of hair transplant. They ultimately get worried of getting their money, time & efforts go waste. They feel helpless in such a situation. But there is a good news to them, that they can get their hair transplant reversed, i.e., they can choose to get out their transplanted hair.

Effect of Reverse Hair Transplant

Albeit, it sounds good to hear about reverse hair transplant, but let’s make you aware about the negative effects of it. It may result in scarring of the scalp. Transplanting your hair again might not give you natural looking results.

Scalp Micro-pigmentation

Scalp micro-pigmentation is a non-surgical solution to hide the scars of reversed hair transplant. It involves tattooing the scalp to create illusion of a shaved head and fuller hairline.


The best solution to prevent yourself from the scar of reversed hair transplant is to go to the best hair transplant doctor in Bhopal. This would not require you to even think about reverse hair transplant, as your first hair transplant would be satisfying enough to provide you a natural look.

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