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Maximum density you can get from hair transplant

What’s the maximum density you can get from hair transplant?

Hair loss can be very troubling for people. With every hair loss, your confidence, self-esteem, youth, all go on a decline. A hair transplant would not only give you your hair back, but, your confidence, self-esteem, youth will also come along.

Many a times, we have been asked about what’s the maximum density that can be gained through hair transplant. The answer is, there multiple factors that determine the density. These factors include your age, natural density of your hair, the reason behind hair loss, the density of your donor area, etc.

Naturally, a person has 80-100 grafts per cm square. Falling of 50-100 hair strands per day all over your scalp is considered quite normal and can be treated by other hair treatments. But if one is losing hairs more than that then, one should really worry and should consult the doctor. Normally, if you have lost more than 50% of your hair, per square, your scalp can be clearly noticed.

A doctor cannot transplant more than 45-60 grafts per cm square. There are multiple reasons to it. Only, having sufficient follicles in your donor area and the grafts needed to cover the bald area don’t determine the density of transplantation. The blood supply may also play a crucial role in it. A hair transplant doctor makes sure before transplanting grafts to your scalp that you have enough blood supply nearby the area the grafts are being transplanted so as to save the person from the shock loss. Also, severe damage or diversion of the scalp blood supply can potentially cause necrosis or other serious issues.

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