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Myths V/s Facts Related to Hair Fall

So many men, so many minds. Every person has his or her different say. Some might be correct but definitely, not all. Same is the case with hair related topics. People say many things but not all are to be trusted. There are more rumors than the truth. Only an esthetiques expert can suggest you correctly depending upon your situation.

Mentioned below are some very common myths about our hair that really need to be erased of.

Myth: Baldness comes from maternal side only.

Fact: It is not necessary that your mother is the only responsible person behind your hair thinning or baldness. Rather, genes obtained from both father and mother do affect your hair condition. You might have ended up with a mix of both of their genes.

If your father has got less hair and your mother has got dense hair then, you do have chances of getting thin hair.

Myth: Hair care products and oral medications can help you grow hair.

Fact: In case of abnormal hair fall, using hair care products or oral medications do not work. They might reduce the amount of DHT but doesn’t create new hair. Sometimes, hair transplant becomes the only solution left for growing hair.

Myth: Stress cause hair loss.

Fact: Low level of stress or you can say stress caused in daily life cannot lead to hair fall. Stress caused due to severe incidents like stress caused due to death of some closed one can result in hair fall.

Myth: Intake of vitamins and minerals in excess can cause hair fall.

Fact: Excess of anything is not good for your health, same goes with your hair. Intake of vitamins and minerals in excess can’t stop hair fall, rather, taking them in right amount can do. In fact, excess of vitamin B can cause hair fall. So, one should be conscious while taking any such vitamin or mineral.

Myth: Haircuts make your hair grow longer.

Facts: This a myth. The growth of your hair depend upon your unique hair cycle which ultimately depends upon your genes and nutrition intake. The longer the growth of phase of your hair cycle, the more will your hair gain length.

Myth: Female pattern hair loss causes irregular period or abnormal bleeding.

Fact: Hair loss in women does not cause irregular period or abnormal bleeding. Other reasons may be responsible for it. Like, intake of improper diet, lack of vitamins and minerals, hormonal imbalance, etc.

If one is going through such a problem along with hair fall then she should not remain silent thinking hair fall as the reason to it, rather, should consult a doctor instantly.

So, one should get a proper consultation for his or her hair fall rather than staying quiet or using inappropriate solutions.

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